Volunteers Needed at Buns - Bunnies Urgently In Need of Shelter

My sister used to take me to volunteer at Buns and we would feed them and help clean their bunny cages. It was fun because we would get to name the new bunnieMarco Volunteering at Buns Santa Barbaras but it was sad sometimes when people couldn't take care of their bunnies and would bring them to the shelter. Usually it was someone that got an "Easter Bunny" as a gift and then realized that they are a lot of work. Help volunteer at Buns
Before you buy a bunny from a store, think about adopting a bunny from Buns! 
Thank You
Marco & My Sister Lucia
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 Thank You from Buns Santa Barbara

Lucia liked to volunteer at Buns because after she cleaned their cages she got to sit and pet them. Volunteer at Buns Urgently In Need Of Shelter

Buns' Mission

  1. To provide shelter and care to rabbits in need.

  2. To promote the spaying and neutering of rabbits.

  3. To promote the education of humane care, welfare & behavior of rabbits.

  4. To provide humane care to other small animals at the shelter.

Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (BUNS) is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that cares for stray and abandoned rabbits at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter. BUNS operates the rabbit area under a contract to the county and at no cost to the public.  Shelter rabbits are available as pets.  Adopting families are counseled by a BUNS volunteer.  We make sure that a rabbit is the right pet for you. We help you to select a rabbit that will fit into your home and life style.  After adoption BUNS provides ongoing information on rabbit care. BUNS has brochures on rabbit care, companion rabbits and spay/neuter. A phone hotline provides access to a knowledgeable rabbit volunteer.

We welcome volunteers of all ages. Visit our volunteer page to find out more!