Marco Explains The Basic Steps for Launching an Ecommerce Brand for Good

Follow along in this short video to learn how Marco developed Planet Duck from scratch, the resources he used and the platforms that make it all possible. #PlanetDuck #TedTalk #Entrepreneur
“ The evil snake king Oxyuranus is terrorizing the Ducks and they need your help ! 
But I’ll get back to that in a minute…
Back in April During the covid stay-at-home mandate my dad and I were watching a local news story about how the shut down was hurting animal shelters so we decided we should do something to help. 
Fast forward 8 months and we’ve now donated over $10k through our foundation PlanetDuck. 

A lot of people have asked me, how did I do this ?

And mostly because they want to learn how to do it too ...
So I thought I’d share the 4 main steps of creating an e-commerce foundation for good. 

Step 1. Conceptualize - Write your story, this is the most important step because you need to Start With your “Why” If you don’t know your “Why,” you should watch Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk about The Golden Circle.
Once you figure out your “Why” it will help guide the rest of your choices and decisions.  
My “ Why”  is to “Fight Animal Cruelty, on Earth, and Beyond!”   
And my how, is to give people a fun and easy way to support animal advocacy groups.   
When you think about it, the evil snake king is just metaphor for the bad things that happen to animals on our planet, and the ducks represent the good you can do to help.” 
So once you have a concept you need to create a brand. 
If you’re not a graphics person, you can use Fiverr, which is a website of creative people who offer gigs literally starting at $5 dollars, but most end up being like $10-$20 - which is still really really cheap!
On Fiverr you can connect with talented artists to help you create a logo, edit your video and even design your packaging. I’ve worked with 5 different Fiverr Artists to help me create Planet Duck.  

Step 2. Create a Product  - There’s two ways to bring products to market, the first is to find a manufacturer and create them from scratch, like I did with our Rubber Ducks - the second is using a POD service.  
If you want to create your own products then start with where you can search for manufacturers of millions of products from around the world. There’s also that offers listings of US manufacturers. Product development usually takes about 2-3 months so once you get your product started it’s time to launch your website. 

Step 3Launch your Website - Once you have your concept and branding you should launch your website.  There’s dozens of easy website platforms out there, wordpress,  Wix or Shopify are some of the most popular - I went with Shopify, because it easily connects to Amazon. You can also easily connect funding platforms like GoFund to help you build goals for your cause. 
And yes, you can even have a Fiverr website guru help you set one up.

Step 4.  Expand with Merch  - If you don’t want to create a product you can simply take your branding logo and have it printed on products that are already existing. Over the past 5 years dozens of  POD (Print on Demand)  services have started offering products -  from stickers to mugs, hats or even flip flops  - You simply upload your logo and they handle the rest. 
I did some research and chose Printful because they’re easily integrated with Shopify. 

Step 5. Take it to the next level on Amazon -  Amazon is not necessary, but people trust shopping on Amazon and Amazon will warehouse, pick, pack and ship your products. 
Basically you create a Sellers Account ship them your inventory and then connect it to Shopify.  You’ll need your parent’s bank account # but tell them this is a good thing…
So when people check out on PlanetDuck their order is automatically sent to Amazon to be fulfilled,  and it usually arrives two days which people love.  
I highly recommend watching all the free video tutorials on setting up an Amazon business on 

Once you have it all set up and running you need to get the word out about your mission. Using friends, family and school groups are some of the easiest ways to get started, then you can use social media accounts to build your audience. 
So in summary :
1. Come up with a concept ad Create a brand
2. Order products
3. Build a website and add POD Merch

Then use social media to build an audience of followers. 

I’ll be honest, It’s not easy, 
But nothing really good ever is. 

And if you want to make a positive change in the world you can. 
The tools are all here, and they’re pretty inexpensive. 

I’ve always been inspired 
by what President Kenedy said 
about the Apollo missions. 

“We choose to go to the moon. 

not because it is easy, 
but because it is hard!

- Because that goal 
will serve to organize 
and measure, 
the best of our
 energies and skills."

So good luck on your mission, 
And if you wish, 
 join me and help fight 
against animal cruelty,
on Earth 
and Beyond !