Planet Duck - FAQ - What Is Planet Duck All About ?


  1. Is Planet Duck a Non-Profit ? No, we are a for profit, for animals, purpose-driven business on a mission to fight animal cruelty on Earth and Beyond! 

  2. How much do you donate?  Planet duck donates 100% of our net profits, which are calculated monthly after inventory, advertising and audited operational costs.  

  3. How do you decide how much to send each organization?  We generally split our donations equally between our major charities.  

100% of net proceeds from your purchase of Planet Duck Merchandise goes to organizations  fighting to protect animal rights.

While watching a local news story about the struggles of a local animal shelter Marco and his Dad decided to do something to help fund animal rescue organizations who were struggling from the recent drop in donations due to the Covid. 

After months spent researching and learning about the key focus of each charity we selected several that have shown a long history of transparency and programs that have the most impact, both globally like the WWF and locally like our Buns SB program. 

In creating Planet Duck, we are now able to make significant and sustained  contributions that keep giving every month. 

Sales of our specially designed Planet Ducks go directly to organizations that are helping to end laboratory testing, breeding mills, and committed educating new generations about the benefits of adoption. 

You can purchase our 3 & 6 packs of Rubber Duckies along with other merchandise on our shopping page.

To make an even bigger impact we recommend supporting our animal agencies directly. 

ASPCA -American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

WWF -  World Wildlife Fund

BUNS - Bunnies Urgently in Need of Shelter 

Marco & Dad
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